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Concept One acquires FUL brand

I’m pleased to announce the acquisition of the FUL brand from Sequential Brands Group.

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In Nov 2014 we entered a long term license agreement for the brand from Sequential. Once we began working on the business, we realized the potential of the brand to expand globally, and to be able to extend into other product classifications, so we decided to purchase the IP and own it.

We now own the brand globally for all categories of consumer products and retail. We will be going on an ambitious marketing campaign over the next 18 months including:

• Placement in Macy’s Marketplace on July 7th
• A Disney and Marvel co-brand launch in September
• Roll out of new digital campaign on social media in August
• Airport digital ad campaign in 2018
• Expansion of the “Friends of FUL” musicians campaign

We are also working with a new creative agency to create a brand bible and to refresh the brand, while staying close to the brand values of style and durability for today’s modern commuter.

By owning the brand we now have the flexibility to chart the brands future, and invest heavily into its growth. This is a very exciting announcement for us.

Best regards,

Sam Hafif | CEO | Concept One Accessories

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